Recycling Process

There is no material that can be actually classified as “Waste”. Every item has a specific use at its most appropriate place. Thus, placing the object at its most suitable place, solves the entire issue.
We get our motivation from the above belief and work towards our environment. We believe in minimising the environmental pollution by minimising the processes involved in waste management.
We have a proficient team working with us whose asset is in identifying the components that can be put to use in the most optimal way. For instance, if you wish to recycle your old CPU, we know that the fan in it can be used a computer repair center. Also, each screws can be reused at the appropriate places.
Our recycling process is classified broadly into 4 parts. Every detail of the items is scrutinised when your company decides to recycle electronic assets. Our team offers you a pick service at your door step to collect your items which you wish to recycle and hand over you a final documentation. Be stress free, when you hand over your electronic assets to Hayward e-Waste. We make sure that the process is seamless and you are completely satisfied by our end.

Broadly, we can classify our processes in the following ways:

Initiating the Request: If you have any waste item with you, please schedule your pick up with us. Our team shall contact you and come to your place to collect the items.

Sorting: The items that you give us for recycling are classified into non-hazardous and hazardous.

Destruction: After sorting, the items that need to be destroyed are done in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner. We issue you a certificate of destruction on destroying the items.

Remarket: The materials, that can be remarked are done with a proper plan of action. The profit that is earned from remarking is divided equally amongst you and our company. Our entire process is transparent and our clients are completely in picture.

Recycle: The items that have to be recycled are torn down and non are sent to landfill.

Contact our team right away to know more about our recycling process.