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Hayward e-Waste being a Division of Blue Star Company Inc has a strong reputation and has always been a leader in providing data security and IT Asset Disposal services. We offer services covering Data Destruction and IT disposal needs of all the companies irrespective of their sizes without fail.

While offering sustainable solution to many organisations, we also aim to provide recycling solutions for various IT related, electronic and electric items.

Our services are basically divided into the following parts:-


Hayward e-Waste is a place where you can recycle items that are allowed to be recycled and contribute to your ‘Mother Earth’. Just because it is possible to recycle, it doesn’t always should be your first choice.

In the cycle of “R”, Recycling is the last choice starting from – Reduce, Re-Use and then Recycle.

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Recycling Process

We follow a 4 step process for recycling the items to make sure all the minutest details are monitored with care when your company decided to get recycle some of your electronic, electrical or IT assets.

We offer pick-up services to collect your items from your location, and give you a documentation to give you tension free mind. The thorough professionalism and expertise in our field makes your experience worthwhile and satisfactory.
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Data Destruction

Data Destruction means to safeguard your personal information while handling your e-recycling requirements. When you do not require any of your old electronics, the data in them is safely destroyed and the materials are recycled and not used in a landfill.

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A Free Pickup For Businesses Minimum one Pallet. A free Drop Off for everyone is welcomed at 2160 Elkins Way, Suite C Brentwood, CA 94513 Monday – Friday 9-4.
Residential Pickup is not free Please Call for Quote.